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June 2019




Non-contact Tournament

Sunday 23rd June

This is only about 2 weeks away on the 23rd June, and we're in the thick of training for it.

Enter early, so we can make up the teams, and we'll be better able to schedule the tournament.

Register NOW at https://trybooking.com/BDAER

Details are on Facebook and in the attached flier.

Junior Grading


The grading was a good one, with 11 candidates, some of whom found it a bit tiring - and so they should have, because it's a test of Osu!

Here are the results:

belt 7   April Emdin
belt 8   Vanessa Li
belt 8 Percy Michell
belt 9 Oliver Leyton
belt 9 Oliver Kim
belt 9 Sheridan Chia
belt 10 Isla Black
belt 10 Amelia Khoury
belt 10 Olive Kuhn
belt 10 Evan Shailer
belt 10 Mila Hauptmann

Active Kids Vouchers

Did you know there is a second round of vouchers becoming available from the 1st of July? Check it out at the Service NSW site. If you've not yet used your first one, why not get on with it?

Cadbury's Favourites

Do you know what 5kg of Favourites looks like?

Get your tickets for the raffle in the dojo - $2 for one, and $5 for 3. The draw will be at the Non-contact Tournament.


Facebook Group

Have you joined our Kuro Obi dojo Facebook group yet. For the few uninitiated, this is not the same as the Kuro Obi Facebook Page. This is a closed group just for Kuro Obi dojo members, for information that is just dojo related and doesn't need to be on the main Dojo page.

If you have a Facebook account, and you're not already in the group, please request to join, so that I maybe I'll be able to send out fewer emails to you in the future.


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Interesting Links

People in these videos are not white and red belts. In the UK, clicker competitors wear red and white belts instead of their own.


Upcoming Events

This newsletter lists the few events that are coming in the near future. For a better overview of what's ahead, the Upcoming events page on the Kuro Obi website will have the most up-to-date information.

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