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Kuro Obi Newsletter 
August 2017

2017MM Round3

Some of the action at the July Mark Mitchell Fighting Fit Seminar


Shihan Shah at the BKK Camp

Aug 7th - 15th

I'm going to the British IFK camp for the first time ever, to go and learn new things to torture teach you when I get back. Sensei Jenny has been there before with some of her students and has had some great things to say about it, so it's time I gave it a go too.

While I'm away time, Simon and Ari will be the main instructors at Petersham, and Senpai Shidemi will help out too.  Sensei Jenny has agreed to teach the Newtown classes while I'm away. Kids, make sure you're on your best behaviour with them - they will tell me what you've been up to!  

Just a couple of scheduling notes :

Wednesday at Newtown will be at 4:00pm, not 4:30.

Friday ADULTS at Petersham is nominally cancelled - unless you make an arrangement with Simon or Ari to run a class then. Kids Friday class is still on - and I believe Sensei Jenny will be teaching that one too.

Fighting Fit Seminar Series

Sunday 23rd July

A great time was had by all at this event. Just under 20 people too part - one of the best turnouts in a while, and though it wasn't as tough as the last one, I do believe that every one was quite sore the next couple of days - but at least you know what you need to do to get fit for tournaments, and how techniques should be done.  Keep an eye out for the announcement of the next one.

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IFKKA Kata Tournament

27th August

Our next interclub tournament is the kata tournament. We've already started practicing now for this event - team kata requires a lot of practice! Entry per competitor will be $30 on paper, or $20 online. Ask me for a paper form if you prefer it that way.

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14th IFKKA National Championships

12th November

Also known as the Sparring Spectacular, this features 3 kinds of sparring - Points, Clicker, and Full Contact. Once again, we have booked the NCIE in Redfern, and we're looking forward to having another great event!

September Junior Grading

Sep 9th

Might as well make a weekend of it with respect to gradings. There are a few white belts and red belts who might be ready for this. I'm checking you out every class to see whether you're ready or not - and I've told you already what you have to do to grade - apart from knowing all your karate!

September Senior Grading

Sep 10th

Only about 5 weeks to go. Are you ready for this? Get your fitness up, check your kyu combinations.and renraku, and above all - make sure you can do your pushups! Let me know whether you're planning on doing it, so we can work on what you need to know and do!

2018 Camp

19th-21st January

The dates for the 2018 Camp have been confirmed! We've also managed to confirm that once more, Shihan David (now 7th Dan) will be attending again. Make sure you book this in your calendar.

Camp T-shirt design competition

Also, this time, we're inviting any and all aspiring designers, to design the t-shirt for thiscamp. It's a competition. The winner will get a free t-shirt and one day free at the camp!. Non-training family members can try too, and they can either START training, or a training family member will get the prize instead. Let me know, and I'll put you on the list!

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